Mohamed Mekhamer
My photography journey began 15 years ago during a family vacation to a picturesque coastal town. Then, I received my first digital camera and became captivated by the art of capturing moments. Since then, my camera has been a constant companion, immortalizing everything from Cairo's "my home city" urban landscapes to candid portraits and street scenes.

Driven to develop my skills further, I explored educational online resources and purchased my first DSLR camera. Photography became more than a passion; it transformed into my career, sidelining my college degree.

During the Arab Spring in 2011, I documented the Egyptian Revolution through photography. This experience led me to pursue a freelance career, working with advertising and media agencies, specializing in wedding photography for five years until 2016.

Currently, I have channeled my passion and expertise into lifestyle and travel photography, capturing the essence of diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes around the globe. Alongside my photography pursuits, I have ventured into digital marketing, leveraging my keen eye for visuals and storytelling to create compelling content.

2012 - 3rd Place "Bronze" in Jordan 10th International Photography Festival.
2013 - One of top 10 Finalist in Scott Kelby's Photo Walk "Leader Competition."
2013 - Honorable Mention in Sharjah Award Photo, and my photo got printed in the award catalog.
2014 - INDIAFRICA Photography Contest 2014 Top 20 Winners.
2014 - 1st Prize in Nikon MEA #IAMAMOVEMENT Motion-Themed Photo Competition.
2016 - First place "Arab Cup Award" in Sharjah Arab Photo Forum "Egyptian Team."
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During various photography workshops I hosted